Mace Scott, M.D., Chronos Director & Owner

Virtual Weight-Loss Injection Program

Louisiana & Texas


Louisiana, Mississippi & Texas

Mace Scott, M.D., Chronos Director

Medication cost as low as $120/month

Jump Start Your Weight Loss!

A physician-supervised, individually-designed virtual program to help you feel less hungry while losing pounds.

Real People, Real Results.

Patient Success Stories

Our results speak for themselves, especially in photos. Check out these images of real patients to see weight-loss success from our injection treatment program:

On March 6th of this year, I began my weight-loss journey with Chronos Virtual Wellness. Today, September 6th, I am 54 pounds down and feeling great. The encouragement that they provided was incredible. They spent the time teaching me what food to eat, what to avoid, what to eat in moderation, and how to still go out with friends and enjoy myself. They even taught me how to maintain. I cannot recommend Chronos Virtual Wellness enough if you are ready to change your lifestyle.


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